Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Authors Insight

As a writer, there are certain things I feel you need to have a firm grip on.   I'm not sure if others will agree with me but I will share them with you now.

My 3 rules for writing. They are simple and basic.

Rule 1/
What would your character naturally do or say in this situation?
(Nothing annoys a reader more than flowery speech.. No-one talks like that!)

Rule 2/
How can I make things worse?
(You don't need predictable in your story. Keep your readers entertained and wanting more.)

Rule 3/
How can I end this in such a way that it's unexpected but still inevitable?
(Find the twists, introduce sub plots. Give your readers more than they bargained for. What you had planned for the climax may not be the way it ends. Don't forget to resolve all sub plots before the end of the story.)

Well I hope a few of you find this of use. Have fun, Write well and feel the words.

My personal thanks to fellow author Steven James for sharing these rules with me.

A couple of people have asked me privately what i meant by the term I used ... feel the words.

I will attempt to explain what i meant as clearly as i can. Please bear in mind though that this is only my opinion for what it's worth, although i do hope other authors are of the same opinion.

When you are writing your story, it should be playing in your head like a movie. The author should see the scene unfolding as he or she writes. Feel what the words are saying. Feel the emotions, the tension or just a desert breeze blowing. If you can't see it and feel it, there is something wrong with it. It means too that your readers won't see or feel your story. None of us want that! Go back as far as you need to, rewrite or rearrange things so the movie plays for you.

Don't be in a hurry to get your book out. Your readers and fans deserve the best you can offer them.

Please feel free to leave me your opinion if you wish. I would enjoy hearing what you have to say.