Monday, August 29, 2016

They Invaded his world. Now he wants it back!
is the second book in the Wade Ferris Chronicles.   

It’s a love story set in the violence and turmoil of an invasion by Alien beings. Corrupt government officials and violent gangs, all of them wanting their share of the spoils. Amidst the sexual tension, and personal conflict, they know that they to put their feelings aside and do what needs to be done before it is too late. Failure to accomplish their goals will only result in death, not only for themselves but for every living thing on the planet.
Carline and Ferris had dealt the Invaders a major setback by blowing up one of the antennas and destroying their equipment. Forced now to move away from the beach area of Waikanae, they moved inland towards the center of town with the goal of locating a transmitter they could use to contact the military and pass on what information they had gathered about the Invaders.
Little did they know, that the collaboration of the gangs was just the tip of the iceberg, and ran a lot deeper than they could ever imagine.
. After helping two women escape from their attackers, they take Carline and Ferris to a building they consider safe, but things are not as they seem. The building holds its own secrets, as do the two women they just rescued.
Ginny and Carmella join forces with Ferris and Carline after they discover what each other is trying to do. Close relationships between the four of them quickly develop with each of them knowing they might not survive for much longer. The four of them set out to rid Ginny’s mysterious Green Mountain of the gang members and the Invaders. Their mission is to find out what is there the invaders want and why.
Other eyes are watching them as well, those of the supernatural world that have charged them with the return of a sacred object supposedly hidden within Green Mountain.